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Work Experience

Are you eager to dive into the world of live production? Can you envision yourself working behind the scenes or orchestrating events?

At Sidestage, we're fueled by the passion of technicians who have transformed their love for the craft into thriving careers. We're thrilled to offer enthusiastic students a chance to immerse themselves in real-world events and productions across Canberra.

Our work experience placements at Sidestage are primarily based at Canberra College in Phillip, Woden Valley. You may be asked to attends events outside of the Phillip area. In these instances you may accompany our staff to various work sites, or be required arrange your own transportation.

To apply for a work experience placement, interested students are encouraged to complete our Work Experience Application. We'll reach out to you if you meet our criteria as a suitable candidate. 

Here are our selection criteria;

  • Demonstrated genuine interest in technical theatre and live production
  • Enrolment in Year 10 or above
  • Alignment of your availability with our scheduling requirements
What days suit you best for work experience?
What term would you like to conduct work experience in?
Some events occur outside standard hours.
Do you hold any of the below licenses/certificates?
Sidestage requires work experience students to wear suitable personal protective clothing.
What are you most interest in?
Which of the following options best describe yourself;
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