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Our big LED screen. Larger than a tennis court.

In 2022 Sidestage welcomed a massive inventory of 3.9mm professional outdoor-rated LED screens.

To grasp the sheer size these screens, when combined, provide a total surface area of over 200 square meters (which is in excess of an Australian-sized singles tennis court).

Sidestage LED screens are being prepared for an event.

With an IP65 rating, these LED screens have the added capability of outdoor installation. For example, LED screens can become a live scoreboard for sporting events, offer a big-screen movie experience, or be used as an advertising billboard on the side of a road.

In case you're wondering what IP65 actually means. It's a measure of resistance against dust and rain. So in other words, these screens have a high protection against dust and low-pressure water from any direction.

Sidestage LED screens being used in Sydney.

Other more common uses of LED screens are to display IMAG (image magnification) during concerts and provide large PowerPoint screens for conferences.

Tennis courts aside, a more common size of a LED Screen is 5.5 meters by 3 meters, Sidestage can deploy 8 of these screens at any one time.

Weight is a major consideration for flown LED screen installations as well as the general workload on team members. Our 500mm by 1000mm pixel LED screen panels offer a pleasant 14kg lifting experience and our 500mm by 500mm pixel LED screens are 8kg.

In the early days, LED screens were perceived as a time-consuming and costly undertaking. However, the quick setup design of Sidestage's LED screens, made possible using holding handles and fixing locks, save significant time and ensure ease during the assembly and pack-down.

The back of a large LED screen provided by Sidestage.

The pixel density of our LED screens set them apart.

Having a distance of only 3.9mm between each pixel (also known as pixel pitch), these screens allow for a clear resolution even whilst viewed at a short distance. At the same time, the size of the LED diodes provides a bright and ultra-high contrast meaning a seamless viewing experience, even whilst outside under direct sunlight.

Offering a range of custom dimensions these screens can produce 4K resolutions and beyond. Whether you want a 20m wide or 10m tall screen, it's possible!

A 7m x 3.5m Sidestage LED screen being used in Canberra.

The alternative to LED screens, when a large display is required, is projection.

Projection does offer some unique advantages, however, the very obvious disadvantage is brightness. There's an inherent struggle with the use of stage lighting around projection surfaces, often washing them out, even if only slightly, reducing the legibility and impact of the content. And outdoor use during the day? Forget it.

Opting for LED screen means you don't worry about these constraints.

Sidestage's LED Screen used in an outdoor setting.

If your event could benefit from the advantages of LED screens, we'd love to hear from you! We operate within the ACT and NSW, and can provide a suite of production services including audio, lighting, staging and vision.

Contact us and we'll provide a quote.


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